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When engineer Gabriel Costa and Dr. Rivelino Montenegro met, a new chapter in mobility aids began.

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...the largest tech fair in the world

Seven young high-tech companies from Twente presented their inventions in the second week of January

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Innovative start-up gets wheelchair users up

In the world of start-ups, there are inspiring stories that testify not only to innovation, but also to strength and perseverance.

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3D Medical Support (startup), J58 (prototyping) and Treetune (ideation) were declared category winners

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'As a start-up you don't look to the future, but you make the future'

It was the place to be for entrepreneurs: Enschede Slush'D, a Twente start-up event at the U Parkhotel,

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Innovative and inclusive design!

The manual standing movable wheelchair by Gabriel Costa

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