Uplift Your Journey
Would you like to stand up and gain independence?
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Uplift Your Journey
Would you like to stand up and gain independence?
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What we believe in
Our team is developing a revolutionary stand-up wheelchair

We are here to help you stand up for yourself!

J58 develops manual standing movable wheelchairs. Yes, you can stand up and move around. Gain independence, improve your health and see the world from a new perspective. By the way, we offer more than standing up! Soon you will be able to experience it by yourself!

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What we do

We are an engineering company aiming to help people with disabilities have overlooked experiences that cannot be had with conventional wheelchairs

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Our Working Prototype

The prototype is presently in an operational phase and is undergoing extensive testing by individuals with disabilities.

Features section

Discover what sets our standing wheelchair apart: delve into the unique features designed for unparalleled mobility and ease of use.

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  • 1.

    Uses weight-adjusted gas pistons for operation, eliminating the need for electricity.

  • 2.

    Allows users to move in a standing position, enhancing mobility and social interaction.

  • 3.

    Designed for easy, minimal-force transitioning between sitting and standing.

How can I preorder?

Embrace independence and enhanced mobility with our innovative standing wheelchair. We're excited to offer you the opportunity to pre-order this life-changing device. Simply email us with your details, including weight and height, to ensure a customized fit for your needs. By pre-ordering, you're not just getting a wheelchair; you're investing in a tool that will transform your daily life. Join us in this journey towards greater freedom and health. The future of mobility is just an email away!

Please note that as these wheelchairs are currently in the pre-order phase, delivery is expected by the middle of 2024. Your patience and support mean the world to us as we work towards bringing this revolutionary product to you.

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